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Book on the Libeau Family – Can you help?

With the support of the Libeau Descendants Society, we are currently researching for a book on the early generations of the Libeau Family who came to NZ in 1840. The book will look at where they came from and the lives of the first 3-4 generations after settlement in NZ from 1840 to 1920.

Some of the children stayed in NZ, one daughter, Emilie returned to France, two sons Donatien and Alexis went to America and one daughter Many-Jane moved to Australia. A number of the next generation also moved overseas.

Joseph and Magdelaine Libeau came to NZ with 3 children Catherine, Joseph Jnr and Armand (born during the journey) and had a further 6 children in NZ.

Joseph remarried after Magdelaine died to Mary Ann Hedgman and had eight children. We are interested in these families and their children up to 1920, the end of the first world war when a number of the grandchildren and great grandchildren went to Europe and never returned.

If you have any information – stories, letters, photos, memorabilia, etc. we would be very pleased to hear from you. We are happy to exchange information.

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