Comte de Paris

Comte de Paris

Comte de Paris (Link to website)

Preserving the heritage of the French and German families who landed at Akaroa from the ship Comte de Paris in August 1840.

As a group they aim to encourage the preservation and knowledge of the heritage of the Akaroa families.

Celebrate the National days of both France and Germany as well as participate in the celebration of the Akaroa French Fest.

Are striving to establish and maintain an archive of information, family certificates and other documents of significance to our members. We are also developing links between different family groups in France and Germany and also a relationship with the community of Akaroa, and those interested in the heritage of the area.

Family names on the boat:
Benoit Bernard Bouriaud Breitmeyer Cebert Chardin David Dulac Dupas Eteveneaux Fleuret Francois Gendrot Guindon Gurtner Hahn Haulme Hettich Jotereau Jouy Le Due LeLievre Libeau De Maimanche Masse Michel Pigoulet Rousselot Veron Vidal Waeckerle Walter Wooll
Contact Us
Linda Sunderland (Chair)

Phone 03 337 5045 – 0274 100 921.

Anne Jaiswal (Secretary).

Bev Wilson (Breitmeyer family)

Phone 0272 288 060

email –

Or write to: Comte de Paris Association
13 Kiteroa Place,
Christchurch 8022
Or e-mail:

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